Market Research.

Our market research combines economic trends with consumer behavior to validate and enhance your business concept. We gather data and information to better understand opportunities and limitations in a given market or consumer segment and deep dive to uncover market trends, such as consumer needs, preferences, and interests relevant to building brand equity. We help to answer the following questions to get a good sense of your market:.

Research & Insights.

Social Research.

Our social research focuses on the behavior of a particular target population that relates to the opinions, needs, attitudes, and motivations of individuals and societies which is then used to identify regularly occurring social patterns in social life.

It can be defined as the systematic understanding of social facts or phenomena.

Research & Insights.

Market Intelligence.

We gather and analyze information about your industry or market segment using market intelligence, and we then advise you on the best course of action to give your company an edge in the marketplace.

In order to determine the most effective strategy for our clients, we focus on four key pillars when evaluating a market;
• Competitor Intelligence
• Product Intelligence
• Market understanding, and
• Customer understanding.

Research & Insights.

Market Entry Analysis.

Are you considering entering a new market or introducing new products in an existing market?

We provide you with the ultimate framework by assessing market gaps, growth opportunities, capabilities, and challenges. Our market entry research provides you with the required information to enter a new market.

This could include exporting, opening a new location, launching your first brand, or introducing a new product/service to your existing customers.

Research & Insights.

Consumer Research.

Our consumer insights research does more than tell you about who your customers are and what they do. It reveals why consumers behave in certain ways and helps you leverage that to meet your business goals.

Understanding your customers deeply is integral to creating a strategic marketing plan. With our consumer insights research, we can help you anticipate consumer needs, spark innovation, personalize your marketing, solve business challenges, and more.

Research & Insights.

Retail Audit Studies.

We use retail auditing as a proven methodology to track the performance of your sales channel & trade-marketing investments.

Our retail execution measurement includes auditing physical stores for product availability, positioning, and quality as well as compliance with merchandising standards like POP materials, promotions, & displays.

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Other R & I services.

Brand Development

We take the time to learn about your brand.

Feasibility Studies

We conduct feasibility studies to determine the project’s viability.

Product Evaluation

We put together an extensive product evaluation process.