Research and  Insights.

“Market research helps you find customers for your business. Competitive analysis helps you make your business unique. Combine them and you have found a competitive advantage for your business.”

Collecting market intelligence to inform the solutions we provide to our clients is fundamental to our approach.

Economic research with respect to urban development focuses on the creation of viable economic cities.

Our experts understand analysis and what motivates consumers and how to put strategies to improve brand visibility.

We take the time to learn about your brand.

We conduct feasibility studies to determine the project’s viability.

We put together an extensive product evaluation process.

Stay on top on Market Intelligence?

Build irresistible brands. Understand consumer behavior by defining your who, what, where, when, how, and why?. Engage the R & I Group and drive your company growth.

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The R & I Group boosts a team of professionals with an accumulated experience of over 35 years working in different markets across Africa. Focus areas are:

Usage & Attitudes surveys
Brand Guidance Studies
Brand Marketing
Pre-launch concept tests

To greater heights with Research and Insights Group.

Providing research-based market insights and business solutions that inform decision-making and organizational growth.

Committed to clients’ success, we work closely with a diverse range of multinational companies spread across regional African markets.

Over 20 years we have been advising a diverse range of businesses operating in FMCG, financial services and telecommunications sector.

We partner with clients to work directly over the long term. Our focus is to ensure client satisfaction through sustainable business solutions.

Our Clients

We work closely with a wide range of clients from different sectors and regions across the public sector, private sector, and local and national governments.